Think Globally, Act Locally

Join a community of dedicated scientists, students, researchers, government agencies, residents, and volunteers who support the work of the Stone Living Lab. We welcome everyone to learn more about climate change, coastal resiliency, and the testing of innovative nature-based solutions that help make Boston Harbor and the Islands more resilient to coastal flooding and sea level rise.

The recently launched Lab will soon offer a number of engagement opportunities described below. To stay up to date on the Lab’s opportunities and happenings, please sign up for the Lab email using the form at the bottom of this page.

GET INVOLVED Coastal Surge Investigations

We are looking for volunteers of all ages to help us create and pilot a new way to track coastal flooding around Boston and answer questions like:

  • – Where does flooding happen?
  • – How far does it flood?
  • – How often does flooding happen?

Volunteers are also eligible for free tickets to the New England Aquarium, Boston Harbor ferries, and more! Find out more by filling out the interest form below.

GET INVOLVED Document Coastal Change with Chronolog

In partnership with Chronolog, we have mounted photostations at the UMass Boston campus and Duxbury’s Powder Point Bridge to collect images of coastal change over time. These images will enhance our understanding of the coastal dynamics at our sites, involve residents and visitors in our research, and create a living resource for scientists, decisionmakers, and community members for years to come. Want to contribute to our research? Visit one of our photostations, send in a photo, and explore our growing photo library!

Explore Boston Harbor Through Live Streams

Curious about how weather conditions differ between the Harbor islands and the mainland? Explore live weather data from our monitoring station on Rainsford Island now! This data is critical to providing baseline information and tracking conditions for experiments throughout the Harbor.

FUTURE OPPORTUNITIES Attend Events and Meetings

The Lab convenes events and meetings on various topics. To stay informed about events and meetings, please sign up for the Lab email list below.