Bring the Stone Living Lab home or into your classroom with our growing library of unique activities! Explore and download education materials from our school lessons, Climate Carts, and more. These activities are designed to help folks of all ages reconnect with the coast, ask questions, innovate, and explore new ways to communicate about climate change. These activities were designed specifically for Boston Harbor, and can be easily adapted to other coastal communities around the country and the world!

Downloadable Materials

Harbor Change Bingo

Liven up a trip to the Harbor with our Harbor Change Bingo! This game highlights everyday things you can see around Boston Harbor, including signs of change and erosion. Use this activity to spark conversation about how coastal change impacts our city, and how climate change will exacerbate these impacts. Includes four bingo games per sheet.

Design Coastal Protection

Let your inner designer shine with this coastal protection design activity! Use this worksheet to create and name an imaginary city, and then design a way to protect it from sea level rise and erosion. Find suggested strategies on the back of the sheet, or get creative by coming up with your own techniques!

Intertidal Monitoring ID Guide

Boston residents and community members are collecting data about creatures living in the intertidal zone of Boston Harbor. Check out this ID guide of the different molluscs, seaweeds, crustaceans, and more that these scientists are looking for - and use it to ID these critters yourself!

Climate Cart at Home - Making Waves at the Beach

Try out this Climate Cart activity from home! In this activity, you can model how storm surge and waves affect the beach. Then, use different materials to try and protect the beach from the waves. What works best? What surprised you? How can we apply these findings to real-world scenarios?

This resource packet includes instructions, a list of materials, and guiding questions.

Climate Cart at Home - Illustrating Climate Data

Try out this Climate Cart activity from home! Inspired by artist Jill Pelto, use graphs of real climate data to create unique and communicative pieces of art. What emotions do you want your audience to feel? What message do you want to convey? What might this data look like in the future?

This resource packet includes climate data graphs, guiding questions, and a list of materials.

Climate Cart at Home - Our Warming Oceans

Try out this Climate Cart activity from home! Climate change is making our oceans warmer and warmer. Although this might make swimming for people more fun, it means big changes for our neighbors who live in the ocean. Use this activity to explore how the critters that call Boston Harbor home might be affected by warming oceans temperatures. Click the link to download the activity packet, and download our animal "trading cards" here:

Coastal Resilience Principles

Inspired by the seven Ocean Literacy Principles, we developed three Principles of Coastal Resilience to guide our education and outreach initiatives. These Principles will ensure that all of our programs are oriented towards the same goals and tie back to the broader work of the Lab. Anyone is welcome to use these Principles for their own work by downloading the PDF below!