Commemorating Hurricane Sandy

Joe Christo
Managing Director, Stone Living Lab

This Saturday will be the 10-year anniversary of Hurricane Sandy making landfall in New York City and New Jersey on October 29, 2012. The storm devastated the region, leading to tens of billions of dollars in damages, crippling the city’s subway system, and causing widespread power outages. Officials have attributed over 100 deaths to the storm, with 44 people dying in New York City alone, and countless others were directly and indirectly affected by the storm.

The Stone Living Lab’s mission and goals have been profoundly influenced by Hurricane Sandy, as we strive to help urban areas become prepared for the effects of climate change, especially sea-level rise and stronger coastal storms. To commemorate Hurricane Sandy, the Lab has collaborated with Boston Harbor Now to highlight work that is happening throughout Boston to improve climate resilience.

Boston Ten Years After Hurricane Sandy