09/29/2023 |

We’re Hiring! Stone Living Lab Data Manager

The Stone Living Lab seeks a data manager to work with its scientists at UMass Boston. As the Stone Living Lab (SLL) pursues its scientific mission, the principal investigators (PIs) and students involved are generating a wealth of data in a wide variety of formats. In order to maximize the use of our data across multiple lab groups, we are seeking a data manager to help us curate, manage, and make publicly accessible our data in a way that obeys FAIR (Findability, Accessibility, Interoperability, and Reuse) best practices. We are seeking someone who will work with the PIs and associated researchers with the creation, organization, and maintenance of the SLL data management process as well as generation of public-facing products using this data. Further, we hope to host our data on either the Environmental Data Repository (https://edirepository.org/) or Data One (https://www.dataone.org/services/), to provide long-term public availability, robust metadata generation, and open APIs.

This is a grant funded position with a current end date of May 24, 2024, subject to renewal contingent on funding and university needs with benefits and a salary of ~$80,000 per year.

General Summary:

  • Determine the optimal data hosting and delivery solutions that follow best practices for the international data community.
  • Work with scientists on data quality control and help them to prepare metadata for each data product they produce.
  • Work with scientists to archive data and/or create archiving protocols and pipelines for future use.
  • Work with real-time data streams to establish data pipelines that quality control the data before providing them to the public.
  • Create a searchable and publicly accessible data portal of all SLL data products.
  • Work with scientists and the outreach and engagement team to develop web applications and data products for public use.
  • Work to create pipelines between SLL data and the Ocean Biogeographic Information Service (OBIS) and the Global Ocean Observing System (GOOS) for international representation of SLL data.
  • Train SLL scientists in best practices for future data archiving, so that all work done at SLL into the future is in accordance with FAIR principles.


  • Bachelor’s degree or above required. Preferred degree in computer science, data science, or IT with a focus on data management. Degrees in ecology, evolution, environmental science, oceanography, etc. are also preferred if the candidate has demonstrated experience in data management.
  • Relevant coursework and/or experience in data management preferred.
  • Familiarity with Ecological Meta-Language (EML).
  • Experience with Excel, SQL, R.
  • Experience with R Shiny is a plus.
  • Knowledge of web content management systems interfacing with relational database systems using common programming languages.
  • Strong communication and organizational skills.
  • Ability to work independently.
  • Experience with data management in a single lab or multi-lab environment.
  • Familiarity with major data hosting platforms for Ecological or other environmental data streams (e.g., Data One, OBIS, EDI, or others).
  •  Experience with tabular, imagery, raster, video, and other data formats.
  • Good written communication/documentation skills.

See https://employmentopportunities.umb.edu/boston/en-us/job/520699/data-manager-stone-living-lab or contact Jarrett.byrnes@umb.edu for more details.