The following resources were either published by the Stone Living Lab team members, or are closely related to the work the Lab is conducting.


A Comparison of Durability and Recruitment Rate for Reef Mimics Constructed from Marine Concrete and CaCO3-Enriched Concrete

This Stone Living Lab-funded study compared the performance of reef mimics constructed from marine concrete with those constructed with CaCO3-enriched concrete.


Intertidal Biodiversity Monitoring Storymap

Researchers from UMass Boston and the Stone Living Lab wanted to learn more about intertidal habitats across Boston Harbor. Specifically, what kinds of creatures live on our shorelines? How are they being affected by extreme weather events? How can we design future development to support these areas? Participants in this project help researchers collect intertidal biodiversity and temperature data. This storymap provides details on the research and results.


Beach Profiling Storymap

The Lab conducted a beach profiling community science program at 12 sites across Boston Harbor in 2021. By collecting monthly profiles and seeing how they change over time and after storms, we can paint a picture of how our beaches are being affected by climate change. This storymap describes the project and summarizes results.


Climate Change and Social Vulnerability in the United States: A Focus on Six Impacts

Climate change affects all Americans—regardless of socioeconomic status—and many impacts are projected to worsen. But individuals will not equally experience these changes. This report improves our understanding of the degree to which four socially vulnerable populations— defined based on income, educational attainment, race and ethnicity, and age - may be more exposed to the highest impacts of climate change.


Engineering with Nature International Guidelines

The International Guidelines on NNBF for Flood Risk Management provide practitioners with the best available information concerning the conceptualization, planning, design, engineering, construction, and maintenance of NNBF to support resilience and flood risk reduction for coastlines, bays, and estuaries, as well as river and freshwater systems.


Climate Ready Boston

Climate Ready Boston is Boston’s initiative to get the City ready for the long-term impacts of climate change and build a resilient future.