Headshot of Lucy Lockwood

Lucy Lockwood

Instructor, School for the Environment

University of Massachusetts Boston

Lucy Lockwood is a coastal ecology doctoral student in the University of Massachusetts Marine Science and Technology Program and an Instructor at UMass Boston. Lucy’s research centers on identifying design parameters for coastal protection structures that improve habitat support for ecologically important marine organisms. She is also a Project Partner with a USGS-NPS team developing an intertidal and nearshore sub-tidal biodiversity inventory and monitoring protocol for the Boston Harbor Islands National and State Park.

Her early career was in software usability and software development methodology during which she was a featured speaker at over 50 conferences worldwide and co-authored the award-winning book Software for Use: A Practical Guide to the Essential Models and Methods of Usage-Centered Design. She was a co-author on the Harbor-wide Barrier Feasibility Assessment sponsored by the Boston Green Ribbon Commission for which she analyzed potential ecological impacts of storm surge barrier configurations.

Lucy received her BA from Tufts and her MS in Marine Science and Technology from UMass Boston.